Nominee Freethinker of the year 2024: Armin Navabi

2 mn read Armin Navabi is an Iranian Canadian atheist activist who established Atheist Republic more than ten years ago. His organization has started its work from a Facebook page and has grown a lot since then in all platforms they are active on. As he speaks both English and Persian (Farsi), he has made thousands of videos […]

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Nominee Freethinker of the year 2024: Ghasem Gharehdaghi (قاسم قره داغی)

2 mn read Ghasem Gharehdaghi (قاسم قره داغی) Ghasem Gharehdaghi is the founder a book organization called “AvayeBuf” in Denmark. For more than a decade, his family including his sister Houriyeh Gharehdaghi (حوریه قره داغی) and his son Sasan Gharehdaghi (ساسان قره داغی) have helped him publish more than ten thousand of banned and prohibited(forbidden) books in iran(کتاب […]

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Pakistan’s war on ex-Muslims-Harris Sultan

< 1 mn read Harris Sultan is a pakistani exmuslim atheist who has been an activist for several years with several different YouTube channels. He has also written and published a book called “curse of God, why I left islam” and his book can be found in both English and Urdu. But currently his channel has gotten banned in […]

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Starting a new chapter in a foreign country: Dolly, after fleeing the threats in Egypt as a queer faces difficulties in finding a job.

2 mn read Dolly (an alias) is a lesbian Ex-Muslim from Egypt. She is a person, willing to secure a better future for herself and the world and most importantly for LGBT rights in her own country. She was raised as a queer female in an abusive family. Some of the things she has experienced would destroy someone’s […]

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