“I wish all Russians to die!” People are evil

[ 2 minutes to read ] When the media are showing horrible crimes of child rapists or murderers, people cannot compete in who is more evil. They want to inflict the worst possible pain on the culprit. But when it comes to my favorite dichotomy “us/them”, people unleash their animalistic instincts whether it is the Israeli-Hamas conflict (the humanitarian catastrophe respectively) […]

Nominee #4: Yahya Ekhou

[ 2 minutes to read ] In the crucible of human rights advocacy is a certain individual who has steadfastly adhered to the principles of liberty and equality and thus defied conventionality. Such an awning personality is Yahya Ekhou. He stands out as one of the human rights defenders in the Islamic republic of Mauritania who head Liberals Mauritania Organization and […]

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons: Eradicating Modern Slavery and Restoring Dignity

[ 3 minutes to read ] In a world that claims to value freedom and equality, the existence of human trafficking remains a harrowing reality, tainting the conscience of humanity. The World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, observed on July 30th each year, serves as a poignant reminder of the millions of individuals who endure exploitation and enslavement worldwide. This solemn […]

China’s Human Rights Violations: Unveiling the Dark Realities of Concentration Camps and Mass Executions

[ 2 minutes to read ] China, a country known for its secular approach to governance, has come under intense scrutiny for its severe human rights violations. Despite being a predominantly non-religious state, it has been accused of perpetrating gross violations against its own citizens. This article aims to shed light on the disturbing realities of China’s concentration camps and alleged […]