The contemporary motivations behind the continuing Hindu-Muslim conflict

[ 5 minutes to read ] India witnessed enormous bloodshed when it was partitioned in 1947 into two independent nations: Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan.  The partition was along communal lines with millions of Muslims from India migrating to Pakistan and millions of Hindus from Pakistan coming to India. Undivided India had a 24% Muslim population which fell to 10% after […]

Religion is not the enemy, extremism is

[ 4 minutes to read ] Modern day Secularism Secularism is freedom of religion. In a free and democratic society, people are unrestricted from practicing their beliefs, whether religious or areligious. Provided, of course, you are not hurting anyone when practicing your beliefs.  That is why the First Amendment of the United States constitution says that “Congress shall make no law […]

The marriage of communalism and cricket puts India’s Muslims in the crosshairs

[ 2 minutes to read ] The above photo is under license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. The image was created by daarkfire. On Oct. 28, Indian police in the state of Uttar Pradesh arrested three Kashmiri students. Their crime was a heinous one. A crime that required the swift application of justice to rid Indian streets of a growing menace. These students’ […]

Pakistan does try to protect minority rights, but attempts always seem to get thwarted by the religious establishment

[ 3 minutes to read ] Hindu sisters Reena and Raveena likely never intended to be at the center of a national debate. But in March of 2019, events around their marriages and conversion to Islam sparked an uproar that only proved their country, Pakistan’s, inability or unwillingness to protect religious minorities. Their marriages raised troubling questions. Were they forced into […]