There is no third world war, only more pain and suffering if we all fail to act positively

2 mn read All you hear about today in all forms of media is war and conflicts, here is the snapshot of the current pressing major disruption of peace. The Israel-Gaza war, Russian-Ukrainian Conflict, Myanmar’s Long-standing civil war, Syria, Ethiopia, Yemen, and Afghanistan conflicts, and other conflicts affecting eight countries In Africa. These conflicts have directly devastated the […]

When the major changes start in the USA, the whole world can change

< 1 mn read This is a paraphrase of “When the changes occur in the Soviet Union, it may occur in communist Czechoslovakia”. And while this whole communist thing is over, the sentient people are expecting major changes to take place in the United States of America. In 2024, this sole superpower exerts influence everywhere. What kind of democracy […]

More Than 1,000 Prominent Women Support Iran’s Resistance

< 1 mn read On September 12, in a gathering held at the Parliament of the United Kingdom, attended by lawmakers from both Houses, MP Anna Firth announced this significant development. She publicly announced the backing of over a thousand female leaders, athletes, and prominent thought leaders of the Iranian people’s uprising and their aspirations for a free, democratic republic. MP […]

The life of a human rights activist, Nangailay, is threatened by the Taliban forces.

2 mn read Life of Nangailay before Taliban took over Nangailay is an Afghan activist and atheist. He has been campaigning for the education and rights of youth in Zabul province of Afghanistan for the past six years. During this period, he provided educational opportunities to hundreds of youth and solicited for support from the government to solve […]

Nightmare of Afghan Atheists, LGBTQs and Human rights Activists

2 mn read The growth of Extremism under the Taliban regime A country like Afghanistan is often associated with Islamic extremist ideologies whose religious beliefs have led to the extermination, repression, and marginalization of other religious minorities, LGBTQs, and human-right activists. With the rise of the Islamic extremist group (Taliban) in Afghanistan, whose primitive thoughts and ideas are […]