Travel Bans Targeting Secularists: Status of Atheists in Egypt deteriorating 

[ 2 minutes to read ] On 11 February 2023, Hesham El Masry, an Egyptian atheist freethinker was on his way to The Netherlands from Cairo International Airport when he was escorted off the plane by police officers.  “I was on my way to Amsterdam, Netherlands, [but] i was detained by the Egyptian National Security Agency, and they forbade me from […]

#InMemoriumMonday: We mourn ConfusedHeathen

[ 2 minutes to read ] ConfusedHeathen (CH) was an Egyptian assigned female-at-birth trans person. By all accounts, he should be celebrated by the secular community. He founded the r/ExEgypt Subreddit where her felly compatriots gather and discuss the issues. However, this beautiful soul has departed. He died a few weeks ago. The death was announced on the subreddit itself. At […]