“There is No Such Thing as Philosophy-Free Science. There is Only Science Whose Philosophical Baggage is Taken on Board Without Examination.” — Daniel Dennett (1942-2024)

[ 3 minutes to read ] Daniel Clement Dennett III, a towering figure in philosophy and cognitive science, who profoundly influenced our understanding of consciousness, religion, and free will, has passed away at the age of 82. This quotation encapsulates Dennett’s lifelong argument that all scientific inquiry is deeply interwoven with philosophical assumptions. His death marks the end of an era […]

Daniel Kahneman, the man that challenged our views on human thinking, died age 90

[ 2 minutes to read ] We are saddened to announce the passing of Daniel Kahneman on March 27, 2024, a visionary in psychology and economics, known for his Nobel-winning insights into human decision-making. His legacy spans the debunking of long-held myths about rationality, profoundly influencing both academic circles and public understanding. Kahneman’s work challenged us to rethink the complexity of […]

The Biological Basis of Morality: Beyond Religious Ownership

[ 2 minutes to read ] It’s a widespread belief that moral values and principles are inextricably tied to religious doctrines. But as human life is older than religion, is this the whole picture? Are morals exclusively a product of religious beliefs, or do our biological roots play a significant role? The Science of Morality:Recent studies have started to peel back […]

State atheism as a preferable model? The 21st century is the century of religion!

[ 2 minutes to read ] Welcome to the 21st century! The age of science, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, sustainability, space exploration, social media – and now guess what – yes, religion. Christianity: Approximately 2.3 billion adherents Islam: Approximately 1.9 billion adherents (while the world’s population is projected to grow 32% in the coming decades, the number of Muslims is expected to […]

Voyagers of the Mind: Chronicles of Atheist Pioneers

[ 2 minutes to read ] As history unfurled, a courageous league of atheist thinkers bore the torch of enlightenment, championing reason and innovation in a world often overshadowed by the stifling darkness of religious dogma. This is their chronicle, a tribute to those pioneers who illuminated the path of progress, fostering freedom and knowledge against the repressive grasp of religious […]

Book review: Beyond Doubt: the Secularization of Society

[ 2 minutes to read ] Authors: Isabella Kasselstrand, Phil Zuckerman, and Ryan Cragun In the riveting and timely book “Beyond Doubt: the Secularization of Society,” sociologists Isabella Kasselstrand, Phil Zuckerman, and Ryan Cragun embark on an intellectual journey to explore the decline of religion in modernized nations. With a blend of empirical evidence and philosophical insight, they present a compelling […]

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons: Eradicating Modern Slavery and Restoring Dignity

[ 3 minutes to read ] In a world that claims to value freedom and equality, the existence of human trafficking remains a harrowing reality, tainting the conscience of humanity. The World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, observed on July 30th each year, serves as a poignant reminder of the millions of individuals who endure exploitation and enslavement worldwide. This solemn […]

Countries Leading the Way in Recognizing Humanist and Secular Values: Protecting Rights and Freedoms

[ 3 minutes to read ] In a world where diverse beliefs and philosophies coexist, the recognition of humanist and secular values has gained importance as a means to safeguard individual rights and freedoms. This article explores countries that have made significant progress in embracing humanist and secular ideals while actively protecting the rights and freedoms of their citizens. By prioritizing […]

Pseudoscience: How to Spot and Avoid the Harmful Nuts

[ 2 minutes to read ] Have you ever heard of people using crystals to heal their ailments or reading their horoscope to make major life decisions? Imagine if you could cure cancer by simply drinking a special potion or following a strict diet. It sounds too good to be true, and it is. From conspiracy theories to miracle cures, pseudoscience seems to be everywhere these days. But how can you tell what’s real and what’s just a load of mumbo jumbo? Pseudoscience claims like these can be dangerous, offering false hope and potentially putting lives at risk.

International Day for Education, 2023: An introspection of the developments made in ensuring equal access to education for all.

[ 4 minutes to read ] Lack of women’s rights has been an issue plaguing the world since the beginning of humanity. It has affected many women and men in every experience imaginable. Women suffer through exclusion and lack of opportunities in politics, domestic abilities and education. Since education is the basis of any achievement, it can be studied to show […]

Gun rights: An overview of the moral argument of Pro-Gun advocates.

[ 3 minutes to read ] Human evolution has created a primitive instinct in nature to procure any defensive mechanism. This is not just with humans. Plants and other animals alike developed over time a protective means to shield them from danger. When living organisms sense danger, they are either prone to act offensively or camouflage within their environment. Unlike other […]

#WhereIsSoheilArabi #FreeSoheil

[ < 1 minute to read ] We, the undersigned freethought, ex-Muslim, atheist, and secularist organisations, have joined together to politically sponsor the well-known Iranian atheist and ex-Muslim Soheil Arabi, who was re-arrested from his home on 2 January 2023 by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s security forces. Sources have informed us that he was violently beaten during the arrest, denied much-needed medicine […]

#FactsOnFriday: Who was the Father of the Turks? A primer on Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

[ 4 minutes to read ] War hero, reformer, enlightened leader, tyrant. The shape Mustafa Kemal Ataturk takes will always differ from person to person. He is celebrated by many for his exploits on the battlefield. Time and time again, he defeated whichever enemy he was put in front of, making him one of the most competent military leaders in world […]

Einstein freed Carl’s mind, but the Taliban wants to end that

[ 2 minutes to read ]   “Carl Sagan” is currently hiding in Peshawar, Pakistan. After the Taliban took over Afghanistan last summer, this freethinking, science-minded person knew that he could no longer stay in the country. “My primary goal is to leave Afghanistan. To leave the country with my family,” Sagan said in Urdu (his comments have been translated). “Whatever […]

Roots of Our Choices

[ 2 minutes to read ] Influence of Primeval Traditions. Growing up to the blossom of the beguiling surroundings, our cultures taught us that nature had its way of appealing to our senses and needs which confer its astonishing beauty. Our elementary school science teachers however showed us a different spectrum to decipher the phenomena of nature. Nevertheless, we are even […]