To what extent can I distance myself from this confinement?

2 mn read In the midst of Afghanistan’s stringent customs and societal norms, I found myself at a crossroads, grappling with the weight of my past decisions. The unexpected turn in my life occurred when I formed a friendship with a young man, and it was decided that he would propose to me. In order to comply with Afghan traditions, we chose to claim that we had no prior knowledge of each other before the marriage proposal, for Afghanistan’s strict rules on pre-marital relationships carried the weight of severe consequences and social criticism.

Different thoughts for women in Afghanistan

< 1 mn read Deceived by the devil    Maybe an angel from the generation of fire Which showed my honesty and simplicity and deceived me.  I was fatima  I was the queen of tomorrow.  Sometimes they put heaven under  my feet and sometimes imperfect intellect.  Sometimes addressed me half the men, sometimes they stoned me.  Sometimes they swore by my […]

Help me before I get killed

3 mn read After the fall of Afghanistan, the Taliban announced a general amnesty in the media, but the reality is that the Taliban arrest, torture and kill dozens of their political and religious opponents every day. Facts like these are not published because they control the media internally.Those who have gone into hiding, the Taliban visit their […]

A Christmas Gift!

2 mn read What has happened in 2021: I am a well-established Muslim apologist, who was defeated in debates with Secularists and Christians in the UK. I prepared to debate with Secularists and Christians for around 20 years, I planned very well and vowed to win the debates and expose the results to the world by the end […]