Nominee #3: Armin Navabi

[ 2 minutes to read ] Armin Navabi is an Iranian Canadian atheist activist who established Atheist Republic more than ten years ago. His organization has started its work from a Facebook page and has grown a lot since then in all platforms they are active on. As he speaks both English and Persian (Farsi), he has made thousands of videos […]

Leaving Bangladesh was the first hurdle for Shadhin, finding ways to stay safe elsewhere is the second.

[ 5 minutes to read ] “I get constant threats from the jihadis on the phone/social media. I’m hiding from them all these years. What if they get to know my location because those people whom we used to trust are even against us now. I’m sick of dealing with them already. I can’t take all these stresses anymore. It has been ongoing for five years now. I am living without freedom and peace and I need to leave this place as soon as possible.”

The story of Amir – fighting against diabetes, homophobia and Islamic radicalism in Yemen

[ 3 minutes to read ] Deserted by his family, jobless and fighting against diabetes, Amir needs support to find a safe accommodation and to afford his medications Amir (we are using an alias, for safety reasons) is from San’a’, the capital of Yemen, a country where radical Islamism is still deeply rooted. As a gay man, he was never accepted […]

Help Ahmed, a Persecuted LGBTQ+ Activist from Uganda, and his 6-year-old son Heal and Reunite

[ 9 minutes to read ] As an LGBTQ activist in Uganda, Elijah has been tortured and sexually abused by the police, persecuted bij family members. His shop and house have been set on fire and he had to flee the country leaving his adorable children behind. He is in a Rwandan hospital now, where he can not leave if he doesn t pay the bills. Elijah wishes to embrace once again his two little children. He needs your help to get the medications he needs and safely return to his home.

Unveiled: A Journey from Oppression to Enlightenment – Book Review (with free audiobook in persian)

[ 2 minutes to read ] In a groundbreaking initiative by one of our own, Lovehumanity, “Unveiled” has been given a new voice—quite literally. The book’s Persian audiobook iteration is a testament to the tireless efforts of freethinkers globally to ensure that stories of liberation echo across linguistic barriers. This audiobook is not just a translation; it’s an act of rebellion, […]

More Than 1,000 Prominent Women Support Iran’s Resistance

[ < 1 minute to read ] On September 12, in a gathering held at the Parliament of the United Kingdom, attended by lawmakers from both Houses, MP Anna Firth announced this significant development. She publicly announced the backing of over a thousand female leaders, athletes, and prominent thought leaders of the Iranian people’s uprising and their aspirations for a free, democratic republic. MP […]

State atheism as a preferable model? The 21st century is the century of religion!

[ 2 minutes to read ] Welcome to the 21st century! The age of science, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, sustainability, space exploration, social media – and now guess what – yes, religion. Christianity: Approximately 2.3 billion adherents Islam: Approximately 1.9 billion adherents (while the world’s population is projected to grow 32% in the coming decades, the number of Muslims is expected to […]

The persecution of atheists and ex-Muslims in the Middle East and its implications for human rights and freedom of thought.

[ 4 minutes to read ] The combination of stringent religious laws and conservative societal attitudes in many Middle Eastern countries have fostered an environment in which individuals who do not adhere to religious beliefs are often subject to discrimination, persecution, and prosecution. It is imperative for the global community to continue exerting pressure on Middle Eastern governments to uphold fundamental human rights such as freedom of expression and belief and ensure the safeguarding of non-believers’ liberties.

The crime of Islamic militias in Iraq against Atheist and other minorities

[ 2 minutes to read ] Iraq has long been a battleground for conflicts, wars, and terrorist activities. These conflicts have had severe consequences for the country’s minorities, including atheists and members of the LGBT community. The rise of Islamic militias and radical Islamic groups has led to an increase in violence and persecution against these minority groups, forcing many to flee the country or hide their identities for fear of retribution.

#WhereIsSoheilArabi #FreeSoheil

[ < 1 minute to read ] We, the undersigned freethought, ex-Muslim, atheist, and secularist organisations, have joined together to politically sponsor the well-known Iranian atheist and ex-Muslim Soheil Arabi, who was re-arrested from his home on 2 January 2023 by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s security forces. Sources have informed us that he was violently beaten during the arrest, denied much-needed medicine […]