There is no third world war, only more pain and suffering if we all fail to act positively

[ 2 minutes to read ] All you hear about today in all forms of media is war and conflicts, here is the snapshot of the current pressing major disruption of peace. The Israel-Gaza war, Russian-Ukrainian Conflict, Myanmar’s Long-standing civil war, Syria, Ethiopia, Yemen, and Afghanistan conflicts, and other conflicts affecting eight countries In Africa. These conflicts have directly devastated the […]

Breaking the Chains of Classism in Africa: Addressing Economic Disparities and Fostering Inclusive Growth

[ 6 minutes to read ] The economic disparities that result from classism in Africa are complex and multi-dimensional. They are often influenced by a range of factors, including historical legacies of colonialism, unequal distribution of resources, and corrupt governance. These factors have resulted in a situation where individuals from certain social classes or economic backgrounds have limited access to education, job opportunities, and wealth, while others have access to these resources in abundance.

An article about Abu mansoor

[ 2 minutes to read ] What is the public interest that an Islamic extremist can do Mukhtar Robow Abu Manoor (Mukhtar Robaw Ali) he was the deputy leader of Al Shabaab and also the spokesman of that organization.he was one of the military leaders of the Union of Islamic court in Mogadishu and Southern Somalia in 2006. He is also […]