Can a Conservative Truly Don the Freethinker’s Hat?

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Ah, the age-old question that has sparked many a heated debate at dinner tables and online forums alike: “Can a conservative really be a freethinker?” It’s a bit like asking if a cat can be a loyal companion. Sure, it might not fetch your slippers, but it’ll keep your keyboard warm!

The Freethinking Formula

Freethinking is all about forming opinions based on reason, independent of tradition or authority. It’s like making a sandwich – you pick the ingredients you genuinely want, not just what’s been handed down from Grandma’s age-old recipe.

Conservatism’s Cozy Blanket of Tradition

Conservatism often snuggles up in the warm blanket of tradition and the wisdom of yesteryears. It’s like that old sweater you can’t part with because it’s comfortable and familiar. But does this comfort equate to a reluctance to embrace the new? Some argue that this inherent nod to the past might make it challenging to question the status quo, a hallmark of freethinking.

Change: A Slow Dance or a Quickstep?

Freethinkers might be seen as those who quickstep to the beat of new evidence. In contrast, conservatives might prefer a slow, graceful waltz, taking time to adjust to new tunes. Does this measured pace mean they’re dancing to outdated songs? Not necessarily, but it’s a fun image to ponder!

Authority: The VIP Lounge of Conservatism

Conservatives often roll out the red carpet for established authority, be it religious, societal, or governmental. It’s like having a VIP pass to the “Established Ideas Club.” But does this mean they never sneak out to the freethinker’s after-party? Well, some claim they do!

For instance, figures like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson, both identifying with conservative values, often present themselves as challengers to mainstream thought. They might argue that they’re the life of the freethinker’s party, just with a more classical playlist.

Beyond the Black and White

It’s tempting to see this debate in black and white, or perhaps in shades of red and blue. But as with any good debate, there’s a rainbow of perspectives. After all, the world of thought isn’t a simple “this or that” menu; it’s a vast buffet with a variety of flavors.


So, can a conservative truly be a freethinker? It’s a bit like asking if a penguin can be a bird when it doesn’t fly. Sure, it might not soar in the skies, but it sure can dance on ice! The key is to appreciate the diversity of thought and maybe, just maybe, enjoy the dance, no matter the tune.

2 thoughts on “Can a Conservative Truly Don the Freethinker’s Hat?

  1. Conservatism is an ideology (and ideologies are something that evolved and was useful in the African savanna) that manifests itself with xenophobia, tradition-appeal, conservatism bias. I guess that a Nazi (or Neo-Nazi) can be a filosemite (even though it is weird). But a conservative person and freethinker? No way!

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