US citizen kept hostage by his family in Somalia

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GREAT NEWS – Ali is safe in the US now. Soon we will publish an update on his story. Register to our website for future updates

Ali needs our help to get back to the United States

November 2021 – Ali was born in Somalia 21 years ago but moved to the U.S when he was 5 years old to live with his grandmother. He is a US citizen now, but was tricked into coming to Somalia. Because his grandma found out through one of his brothers that he was having doubts about Islam. Now he is in Somalia for about 3 years with his father and mother. . His family has practically kidnapped him. They are keeping his passport from him so he can not go back and have sent him to a religious rehabilitation center. SUN plans to help him get the funding to travel to a neighboring country to go to the US Embassy and get a new passport to travel home. This article is written by Ali himself.

The rights of irreligious people continue to be threatened by their family members and the environment they find themselves within. My name is Ali and I am a college student who majors in psychology. This field of study exposed me to the ethos of religion and the credibility of belief systems. It has given me a diverse perspective which contradicts the theories and beliefs that were passed on for generations to me.

Forced into a religious rehabilitation center

Having been exposed to reality and skepticism, I was enthused to share this novel discovery of mine with my cousin. My relationship with my cousin had been very cordial and unperturbed with infidelity and dishonesty. Nevertheless, my new venture which was supposed to be confidential was reported to my entire family in the United States. This revelation resulted in a secret plot to subject me to inhumane conditions so I could revert my decision of not believing in god. They set a plan to send me to Somalia and leave me there with my parents. My grandmother and my uncle sought to put enough pressure on me in my refusal to go. I had no other choice than to do their bidding.

Life in Somalia

I didn’t really have a relationship with my parents because I didn’t know their language. I loved my family in America and I felt I could trust them. I went on the trip with my grandma in 2019. I thought I was going to learn my culture and traditions and return in 3 months. Unfortunately, as soon as I got here I realized there were other plans for me. They placed me in a Cultural Rehabilitation Center. In simple put, it’s really just a prison filled with torture and agony. I had shackles on my feet for two weeks and could barely walk. I was beaten every time I refused to memorize the Quran. I had to endure this malice for nine months and was released in 2020.

Many attempts I have made to return back home but to no avail. I feel threatened living with my family. I have to succumb to trauma and agony every single day. The thoughts of giving up and taking my own life run through my head every moment. I have been here for three years with no clear path to a befitting future. I yearn to evacuate from this abyss of pain but continue to remain stuck in these deplorable conditions.

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