There is no third world war, only more pain and suffering if we all fail to act positively

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All you hear about today in all forms of media is war and conflicts, here is the snapshot of the current pressing major disruption of peace.

The Israel-Gaza war, Russian-Ukrainian Conflict, Myanmar’s Long-standing civil war, Syria, Ethiopia, Yemen, and Afghanistan conflicts, and other conflicts affecting eight countries In Africa.

These conflicts have directly devastated the lives of millions of people and deaths in the thousands but all these are in no way close to a world war because the majority of Europe, North, and South America, and even Asia are relativity peaceful, the problem faced in this regions are the general problems faced all over the world which are the climate change, the rising cost of living, unemployment, immigration crisis.

Our point here is that some studies have shown that more people are in pain and suffering than ever before all over the world either from wars or global problems, you may see people dancing and jumping around making silly jokes and mimes like everything is OK but it’s not. They are all a smoke screen from the real truth of most people’s state of mind.

Either it is mental pain and suffering that is making many people abuse drugs due to lack of jobs and not enough money to have a decent living in many parts of the world or is the more visible suffering of hunger and disease like in many parts of Africa.

One of the ways out of this endless circle of insanity would have been electing the right leaders for good policy changes and reforms but we all know how that goes the powerful have them all in their pockets. the economic prosperity of the middle class and ordinary citizens is in a steady decline.

One recommendation at this point is to live within your means and accept the current reality. make better financial plans Do more good and live organic and positive. Peace and Cheers

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