Nigerian human rights activist to mark 25th anniversary of UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders

[ 2 minutes to read ] Nigerian activist Mariam Aliyu answered the UN’s call during her university years when she saw a little girl she could not ignore. “She was 12 years old, and I noticed she was limping,” she recalled. Using her medical skills, and days of earning the girl’s trust, she figured out that she had been sexually assaulted. So began a journey of advocating for girls and women.

To what extent can I distance myself from this confinement?

[ 2 minutes to read ] In the midst of Afghanistan’s stringent customs and societal norms, I found myself at a crossroads, grappling with the weight of my past decisions. The unexpected turn in my life occurred when I formed a friendship with a young man, and it was decided that he would propose to me. In order to comply with Afghan traditions, we chose to claim that we had no prior knowledge of each other before the marriage proposal, for Afghanistan’s strict rules on pre-marital relationships carried the weight of severe consequences and social criticism.

More Than 1,000 Prominent Women Support Iran’s Resistance

[ < 1 minute to read ] On September 12, in a gathering held at the Parliament of the United Kingdom, attended by lawmakers from both Houses, MP Anna Firth announced this significant development. She publicly announced the backing of over a thousand female leaders, athletes, and prominent thought leaders of the Iranian people’s uprising and their aspirations for a free, democratic republic. MP […]

International Day for Education, 2023: An introspection of the developments made in ensuring equal access to education for all.

[ 4 minutes to read ] Lack of women’s rights has been an issue plaguing the world since the beginning of humanity. It has affected many women and men in every experience imaginable. Women suffer through exclusion and lack of opportunities in politics, domestic abilities and education. Since education is the basis of any achievement, it can be studied to show […]

Starting a new chapter in a foreign country: Dolly, after fleeing the threats in Egypt as a queer faces difficulties in finding a job.

[ < 1 minute to read ] Dolly (an alias) is a lesbian Ex-Muslim from Egypt. She is a person, willing to secure a better future for herself and the world and most importantly for LGBT rights in her own country. She was raised as a queer female in an abusive family. Some of the things she has experienced would destroy someone’s […]

Different thoughts for women in Afghanistan

[ < 1 minute to read ] Deceived by the devil    Maybe an angel from the generation of fire Which showed my honesty and simplicity and deceived me.  I was fatima  I was the queen of tomorrow.  Sometimes they put heaven under  my feet and sometimes imperfect intellect.  Sometimes addressed me half the men, sometimes they stoned me.  Sometimes they swore by my […]

To a non-Afghan girl!

[ 3 minutes to read ] Good wishes from Afghanistan to your broken heart. I know you are sad and so your heart is broken. Even, your sweetheart is in love with someone else. for a girl it can be hard. I understand how it is too hard… But you know what? I have not yet felt the sweet pains of […]

The Silence of the Iraqi Media on Atrocities of the Islamic Honor Culture in Iraq.

[ 2 minutes to read ] The negligence of the Iraqi media The Iraqi media has expressed sincere negligence on issues pertinence to the wellbeing of women under the Islamic rule. The media has been conscious about the local disturbances within the Iraqi region but have failed to reciprocate similar consciousness to the agony of women in this region. Women who […]