The Philosophical and Psychological Roots of Intolerance in Religious Orthodoxy

[ 3 minutes to read ] Intolerance, particularly within the context of religious orthodoxy, has long been a subject of deep philosophical and psychological inquiry. This blog delves into the core reasons behind such intolerance, drawing on the insights of renowned thinkers and modern psychology. We will argue why intolerance is fundamentally flawed and propose strategies to combat it. The Philosophical […]

Why even a modern conservative cannot be a freethinker?

[ 2 minutes to read ] I post this article both on my blog and Freethinkers International. And I am sure my own blog more than aware readers have their opinion already formed. Yet, the ongoing debate on Freethinkers International has provoked me to write this piece. We live in megacities, use electricity, have microchips, atomic bombs, high-speed trains, however, we […]

What I learned from a French philosopher

[ < 1 minute to read ] After 2 months away from my studies; It’s been a few days since I started reading the lovely and unique novel “Unconsciousness” by Xavier Kermant for the 13th time, of course, this time with a philosophical approach.In reviewing this powerful work, I have paid more attention to the analysis of writing concepts in the form […]