Nominee Freethinker of the year 2024: Ghasem Gharehdaghi (قاسم قره داغی)

2 mn read Ghasem Gharehdaghi (قاسم قره داغی) Ghasem Gharehdaghi is the founder a book organization called “AvayeBuf” in Denmark. For more than a decade, his family including his sister Houriyeh Gharehdaghi (حوریه قره داغی) and his son Sasan Gharehdaghi (ساسان قره داغی) have helped him publish more than ten thousand of banned and prohibited(forbidden) books in iran(کتاب […]

Celebrating Courageous Minds: Nominations Open for Freethinker of the Year 2023

2 mn read As we traverse through an era where voices of reason and critical thinking are both celebrated and challenged, Freethinkers International is proud to announce the commencement of nominations for the esteemed “Freethinker of the Year 2023” award. This accolade is not just a recognition but a celebration of those brave individuals who dare to question, […]