Starting a new chapter in a foreign country: Dolly, after fleeing the threats in Egypt as a queer faces difficulties in finding a job.

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Dolly (an alias) is a lesbian Ex-Muslim from Egypt. She is a person, willing to secure a better future for herself and the world and most importantly for LGBT rights in her own country.

She was raised as a queer female in an abusive family. Some of the things she has experienced would destroy someone’s mental health forever: “My mom was so overprotective, controlling, and she treated me like her slave since I was 5 years old…I was forced to wear a hijab when I was 6. I was forced to go to the clinic with my mom to check my virginity when I was 8, 9, and 12 years old. Once I got my period (I was 8) she checked my virginity in the doctor’s clinic.”

Source: Her Blogpost – Kafira Infidel

She writes in one of her articles about LGBT rights in Egypt:”…The Arab Republic of Egypt is an Islamic country ruled by the military and Al Azhar. Every day Al Azhar claims a new Fatwa against the LGBT+ community and declares them disgraceful, unnatural, abnormal, and against human nature…”

Dolly has successfully fled the threats in Egypt and her abusive family to Georgia. Living in Georgia hasn’t been easier for her. It is almost impossible to find a job to pay her bills since she is still awaiting asylum procedures. Dolly is an artist and very good at her job.  She requires all the assistance and support to offer her a better start. Let’s rally our support behind her to help secure a better future.

Dolly is now a moderator in the atheist republic currently reviving the Arabic YouTube channel of the atheist republic.

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