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If you had the power to choose the kind of world you would like to live in what kind of world would that be? You might want to pause for some seconds and open the floodgates of imagination, the details might be a little fuzzy and it may be almost impossible to think out all the details of your creation and it may take several lifetimes depending on how long a lifespan is. Maybe your imagination may take its foundations from your current reality with some tweaks here and there the possibilities might just be endless.


What will be the basis of this creation what should the underlining rule or rules of that existence be, what will be considered good and what will be considered evil, what’s chemically possible or physically impossible, I think am having a headache already with all the complexity of this existence from the depths of our oceans and its vastness with all the creatures living in it to the top of the highest peak and the totality of this world talk more of out of space the cosmos and the universe. how can anybody have the guts to say all this was created by just a single being, what audacity.


What are we trying to arrive at what point are we trying to make what emotion or action do we want to stir up, me and you may not be able to create worlds out of our imaginations or some life forms but we are capable of doing many extraordinary deeds which you maybe already doing or yet to do which is putting a smile on someone’s face. the actions of billions of people before us and even now are what have brought us to this point in time, the wars the conflicts, the Joys and pain the happiness and fulfilments, the anguish, the inventions and destruction. what will your actions be? nothing is insignificant it all causes a ripple a chain reaction and its effects will be felt, I hope your actions can be a force that puts a smile on someone’s face and not sadness. Let your imagination translate to something good.

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