Personal stories of persecuted freethinkers

  • Help Georgina, an intersex refugee from Egypt, survive

    Helf Georgina, an Intersex refugee from Egypt, survive.

    [ 3 minutes to read ] Freethinkers around the world can help Georgina survive with life support of $ 300 per month until she can support herself. Welcome to Freethinkers International’s crowdfunding campaign for Georgina. We are reaching out on behalf of Georgina, a courageous intersex refugee who has endured unimaginable suffering and needs urgent help to escape to a safer […] Read more

  • Update on Mira: hard life in Egypt

    [ < 1 minute to read ] Mira is a transgender woman who fled from Yemen to Egypt in search of safety. Two months ago, she left her hometown in Yemen and arrived in Egypt, but her struggle for security continues. Life in Egypt has proven to be challenging as well. Mira is still trying to establish stability and find peace amidst […] Read more

  • Join the Fight: Help Ahmed, a Brave LGBTQ+ Activist from Uganda, Reunite with His Children

    [ 9 minutes to read ] As an LGBTQ activist in Uganda, Elijah has been tortured and sexually abused by the police, persecuted bij family members. His shop and house have been set on fire and he had to flee the country leaving his adorable children behind. He is in a Rwandan hospital now, where he can not leave if he doesn t pay the bills. Elijah wishes to embrace once again his two little children. He needs your help to get the medications he needs and safely return to his home. Read more

  • Unconditional Surrender: My Defeat in Debates with Secularists


    [ 2 minutes to read ] For many years, I held firm to my conservative Sunni Muslim beliefs, staunchly defending them against what I perceived as the encroaching threat of secularism. Raised in a devout family where adherence to Islamic principles was paramount, I was instilled with a deep-seated commitment to the faith. My journey led me to aspire to become […] Read more

  • Mira’s troublesome escape from Yemen brought her to a big unknown city where her pursuit of freedom begins.

    [ 2 minutes to read ] Episode 2, where Mira was captured and beaten by the police, prevented from traveling but found her way out anyway All episodes can be read via this link Mira had planned to depart from Yemen a week ago, but encountered a setback when she was arrested and subjected to physical abuse. Forced to sign a […] Read more

  • LGBTQ member Mira, is in danger in her hometown in Yemen. Help her when she moves to a safer place abroad.

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    [ 3 minutes to read ] LGBTQ member Mira, is in danger in her hometown in Yemen. Help her when she moves to a safer place abroad. Read more

  • Leaving Bangladesh was the first hurdle for Shadhin, finding ways to stay safe elsewhere is the second.

    Shadhin is under threat from jihadis in Bangladesh

    [ 5 minutes to read ] “I get constant threats from the jihadis on the phone/social media. I’m hiding from them all these years. What if they get to know my location because those people whom we used to trust are even against us now. I’m sick of dealing with them already. I can’t take all these stresses anymore. It has been ongoing for five years now. I am living without freedom and peace and I need to leave this place as soon as possible.” Read more

  • The story of Amir – fighting against diabetes, homophobia and Islamic radicalism in Yemen

    Save us Saturday

    [ 3 minutes to read ] Deserted by his family, jobless and fighting against diabetes, Amir needs support to find a safe accommodation and to afford his medications Amir (we are using an alias, for safety reasons) is from San’a’, the capital of Yemen, a country where radical Islamism is still deeply rooted. As a gay man, he was never accepted […] Read more

  • 5. Kidnappings, threats and slow procedures test Mumino’s patience

    Mumino locked in

    [ 9 minutes to read ] It has not been a good year since we updated you on Mumino and his family. After their flight from Uganda, they encountered several difficulties and they are still awaiting their asylum request to be processed. Being a refugee in Uganda has many complications. Abductions October 2022 – Mumino and his family lived in a […] Read more

  • Blasphemy in Bangladesh – The story of Sagor

    [ 3 minutes to read ] December 2023 – Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right, enshrined in article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, there are governments and individuals in positions of power around the globe that threaten this right. One such way to threaten this freedom is through laws of blasphemy. It virtually silences anyone […] Read more

  • Ilham’s world shaken by natural disaster – Episode 6

    Ilham is studying in Turkey to prevent deportation to Afghanistan

    [ 11 minutes to read ] The earthquake makes life for undercover ex-muslims even more difficult Case: Ilham from AfghanistanStart date: march 7, 2021Support: living costs and support to get a permit to stay somewhereBudget needed: monthly €350 for living costs plus budget for a permanent solution Ilham is a member of this community. If you want to get in touch […] Read more

  • Personal letter from Dolly, an LGBTQ-activist from Egypt, struggling to build up a new life in eastern Europe

    [ 5 minutes to read ] Dolly Sarkasmo (an alias for her own safety) is a lesbian Ex-Muslim from Egypt. She is an activist, working to secure a better future for LGBTQ people in the middle east. Recently she was able to flee to Georgia in eastern Europe where she awaits her asylum procedure. Now she needs our help to survive […] Read more

  • ‘I’m a Yemeni trans man and my family want to kill me’

    [ < 1 minute to read ] Bring refugees Yahya & Alexander to Busselton Yahya and his partner Alexander are refugees who are hoping to find a safe place to start their new lives. We have been chatting online with Yahya since 2020 and following him receiving UNHCR recognition of refugee status recently, Busselton Pride Alliance Inc are now sponsoring their Visa […] Read more

  • To what extent can I distance myself from this confinement?


    [ 2 minutes to read ] In the midst of Afghanistan’s stringent customs and societal norms, I found myself at a crossroads, grappling with the weight of my past decisions. The unexpected turn in my life occurred when I formed a friendship with a young man, and it was decided that he would propose to me. In order to comply with Afghan traditions, we chose to claim that we had no prior knowledge of each other before the marriage proposal, for Afghanistan’s strict rules on pre-marital relationships carried the weight of severe consequences and social criticism. Read more

  • Seeking Dutch Teacher for Future Netherlands Immigrant


    [ < 1 minute to read ] Title: Seeking Dutch Teacher for Future Netherlands Immigrant Introduction: Hello everyone! 👋 I’m a motivated medical student with a dream of immigrating to the Netherlands. Exciting times are ahead, and I’m on the lookout for a wonderful Dutch teacher to help me master the language. About Me: As a fluent English speaker and a passionate […] Read more

  • Save us! Afghan Atheists


    [ < 1 minute to read ] I am an Afghan atheist who is currently living in Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban and probably many like me spend their days and nights here waiting for their death. Our life here is very difficult, every day there is fear that the Taliban will arrest us today or tomorrow, but the world […] Read more

  • Stranded in Georgia: The Challenges of Asylum Seekers

    [ 3 minutes to read ] As an asylum seeker, I have faced numerous obstacles in my journey to rebuild my life. One of the most significant challenges has been the lack of access to basic necessities, such as medical care, employment, and financial support. Unlike other EU nations like Germany, Georgia has yet to provide adequate support to asylum seekers, […] Read more

  • My Journey as an Ex-Muslim and LGBTQ+ Activist

    [ 5 minutes to read ] My name is Dolly, and I am an ex-Muslim and a lesbian activist. I had to leave my home country, Egypt, to seek asylum in Tbilisi because my life was in danger. I was outed as a lesbian, and not only was I threatened by Islamists, but my Salafist family also posed a risk to […] Read more

  • Disowned by his family, Nahabwe Moses needs help to finish his training as a midwife

    [ 2 minutes to read ] He’s worked very hard and is almost there to finish his education to become a midwife at the Kagando School of nursing. An exam is all that stands in the way between Nahabwe Moses from Uganda and his much-desired diploma. With this diploma, a whole new world will open for him as he can get […] Read more

  • #InMemoriumMonday: We mourn ConfusedHeathen

    [ 2 minutes to read ] ConfusedHeathen (CH) was an Egyptian assigned female-at-birth trans person. By all accounts, he should be celebrated by the secular community. He founded the r/ExEgypt Subreddit where her felly compatriots gather and discuss the issues. However, this beautiful soul has departed. He died a few weeks ago. The death was announced on the subreddit itself. At […] Read more