Mira’s troublesome escape from Yemen brought her to a big unknown city where her pursuit of freedom begins.

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Episode 2, where Mira was captured and beaten by the police, prevented from traveling but found her way out anyway

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Mira had planned to depart from Yemen a week ago, but encountered a setback when she was arrested and subjected to physical abuse. Forced to sign a document during her ordeal, she eventually managed to leave Yemen. Finding herself in an unfamiliar hosting country, Mira expresses relief at the lack of interference from people compared to her experiences in Yemen, enhancing her sense of safety.

Previously, she had arrangements with a friend (let’s call her Yasmin) of one year to share an apartment, for which she had already paid her share. Upon arrival in the hosting country, Mira discovered that Yasmin had absconded with her money, a betrayal that left her in a dire situation. However, Mira found an alternative through Saleh, an old school friend she traced in the city of arrival, who offered her accommodation in a crowded and unclean apartment shared by multiple occupants.

Unfortunately, Mira was informed at the last moment that she could not stay there because she was not employed; the apartment was exclusively for workers. Finding herself without a stable place to stay, Mira sought refuge with yet another friend. She is also unsure if she can stay there for a long time, because they are also planning to leave and flee soon to a safer country for LGBTQ people. Currently, Mira is in a precarious situation, lacking a stable home and struggling to find stability.

As a result, we are reaching out to from a support group around Mira. She will request a refugee status with UNHCR, but that process can take a long time: 30 people who are willing to donate 5 to 10 USD per month to help her secure a safe and decent living space, as well as cover her basic necessities until she can establish herself independently.

For the full story from last week please follow the provided link. To support Mira, you can donate on this page or via this link.

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