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Empowering New Beginnings: Invest in a Refugee’s Business Today!

[ 3 minutes to read ] Introducing “Investing in Hope”: Helping Refugees Start Their Own Businesses In the midst of adversity, resilience often becomes a refugee’s greatest asset. Fleeing persecution, war, and unrest, refugees arrive in new lands with hope but face immense challenges. Many settle in neighboring countries where resources are scarce, and employment opportunities are hindered by strong clientelism […]

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Help Georgina, an intersex refugee from Egypt, survive

[ 3 minutes to read ] Freethinkers around the world can help Georgina survive with life support of $ 300 per month until she can support herself. Welcome to Freethinkers International’s crowdfunding campaign for Georgina. We are reaching out on behalf of Georgina, a courageous intersex refugee who has endured unimaginable suffering and needs urgent help to escape to a safer […]

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Is AI the Future of Freethinking or Its Downfall?

[ < 1 minute to read ] As we navigate a world increasingly influenced by technology, artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a transformative force. But what does AI mean for the concept of freethinking? Let’s delve into some thought-provoking statements about how AI could both enhance and challenge our capacity for independent thought. Positive Impacts of AI on Freethinking: Negative Impacts […]

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Can we help these freethinker asylum seekers help start their own business?

[ < 1 minute to read ] When you don’t get support from a government as a refugee, surviving is hard without sponsors. A small business can help them survive. In the shadows of ongoing displacement crises in regions like Afghanistan, Iran, Uganda, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen, Freethinkers International is spearheading a transformative concept. Traditionally dependent on the lengthy and uncertain asylum […]

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Join the Fight: Help Ahmed, a Brave LGBTQ+ Activist from Uganda, Reunite with His Children

[ 9 minutes to read ] As an LGBTQ activist in Uganda, Elijah has been tortured and sexually abused by the police, persecuted bij family members. His shop and house have been set on fire and he had to flee the country leaving his adorable children behind. He is in a Rwandan hospital now, where he can not leave if he doesn t pay the bills. Elijah wishes to embrace once again his two little children. He needs your help to get the medications he needs and safely return to his home.

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