Introducing Ike, our man on the ground, helping the displaced children in northern Nigeria

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In this series of videos, we’re going to get to know Ike, our man on the ground working diligently to help displaced children in Borno state in Northern Nigeria. These poor souls have been displaced by the aggression of Boko Haram.This extremist organisation is actively recruiting/kidnapping street children to enforce their ranks. We’re hoping to get a little funding to help these children with the basics of food and practical education in the hope of increasing their resilience to Boko Haram.

Almajiri is a traditional system of Islamic education practiced in some parts of West Africa, particularly Nigeria. It involves sending young boys, often from impoverished backgrounds, to study Quranic education under the tutelage of a Mallam (teacher) in an informal setting known as a Tsangaya. While the system has noble intentions of preserving Islamic knowledge and values, it has faced criticism for its neglect of formal education, leaving almajiri children with limited skills to thrive in modern society. Additionally, the system has been linked to issues such as child begging, poverty, and vulnerability to exploitation. Efforts to reform the almajiri system have been ongoing, aiming to integrate modern education alongside religious teachings to provide a more comprehensive and sustainable learning environment for these children.

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