If you need help

This website is our Secular Underground Network. It is a growing community of people who support people that came in conflict with the dominant religion of their family, their community or the country they live in. If you are being bullied, harassed, kicked out of the house, or worse; If you are threatened, mistreated, molested or threatened with imprisonment, as a network we try to help you live safely and as happily as possible.

Sometimes it can help to get in touch with others who have been through the same things: a good conversation, sharing your experience and emotions can give you new insights . Then sign up as a member of this community, and view the topics of the groups that appeal to you. In those groups you will find people who experience the same thing. or may be able to help you.

If you need more intensive or specialist help, your life is in danger, or you have an acute problem, sign up using the form below. After registration, we invite you for a video call. We need to be able to verify your identity and your story. Only when we have complete information can we assess what we can do for you.

Important: You will need to confirm that you:

  • Give consent for us to share relevant information with various government agencies and/or other welfare organisations that may be helpful with your case.
  • You will be proactive in working with IAA to resolve your situation/expectation to fill out form, apply for jobs.
  • Agree to a vetting process and consent to a background check.

If you Require urgent Assistance, Fill Out The Following Form: