Freethinker of the year 2024 election

Celebrating Courageous Minds: Nominations Open for Freethinker of the Year 2024

As we traverse through an era where voices of reason and critical thinking are both celebrated and challenged, Freethinkers International is proud to announce the commencement of nominations for the esteemed “Freethinker of the Year 2024” award. This accolade is not just a recognition but a celebration of those brave individuals who dare to question, challenge, and think differently in a world often marred by conformity and suppression.

Voices Silenced, Yet Spirits Unbroken

In recent years, the world witnessed an alarming trend of silencing activists and thinkers, not just in traditionally oppressive regimes but also within more liberal societies. Countries like Afghanistan, Iran, and Russia continued their relentless crackdown on free thinkers. In Afghanistan, the return of the Taliban regime has led to a drastic decline in freedom of expression. In Iran, the government’s iron grip on media and the internet has stifled dissent. Similarly, Russia’s stringent laws against “foreign agents” and “undesirable organizations” have choked the voices of opposition and free thought.

Alarmingly, this trend is not confined to authoritarian regimes. In Western countries, a new wave of radical ‘woke’ activism has begun to impose its own brand of censorship. Speakers, academics, and scientists find themselves increasingly at odds with radical groups that, although well-intentioned in their quest for social justice, often end up stifling the very diversity of thought they aim to protect.

Call for Nominations

We stand at a crucial juncture, where celebrating and protecting freethinking is more important than ever. Therefore, we invite our community to nominate individuals who have shown exceptional courage and intellect in promoting free thought and critical inquiry. Nominees could range from activists fighting oppressive regimes to intellectuals challenging the status quo in more liberal societies.

Please submit your nominations via our website: Freethinkers International Nomination Form.

The Power of Your Vote

In the last of December 2024, we will open the poll for our community members to vote for their Freethinker of the Year. This is more than just an election; it’s a statement. A statement that free thought, critical inquiry, and intellectual bravery are not only to be cherished but also vigorously defended.

Together, let’s honor those who have dared to think differently and the courage to speak up. Your nomination and vote are not just acknowledgments of individual bravery; they are acts of support for the very essence of free thought and expression.

Be part of this essential endeavor. Nominate. Vote. Celebrate.

  • Nominee #4: Yahya Ekhou


    [ 2 minutes to read ] In the crucible of human rights advocacy is a certain individual who has steadfastly adhered to the principles of liberty and equality and thus defied conventionality. Such an awning personality is Yahya Ekhou. He stands out as one of the human rights defenders in the Islamic republic of Mauritania who head Liberals Mauritania Organization and […] Read more

  • Nominee #3: Armin Navabi


    [ 2 minutes to read ] Armin Navabi is an Iranian Canadian atheist activist who established Atheist Republic more than ten years ago. His organization has started its work from a Facebook page and has grown a lot since then in all platforms they are active on. As he speaks both English and Persian (Farsi), he has made thousands of videos […] Read more

  • Nominee #2: Ghasem Gharehdaghi (قاسم قره داغی)


    [ 2 minutes to read ] Ghasem Gharehdaghi (قاسم قره داغی) Ghasem Gharehdaghi is the founder a book organization called “AvayeBuf” in Denmark. For more than a decade, his family including his sister Houriyeh Gharehdaghi (حوریه قره داغی) and his son Sasan Gharehdaghi (ساسان قره داغی) have helped him publish more than ten thousand of banned and prohibited(forbidden) books in iran(کتاب […] Read more

  • Nominee #1: Masih Alinejad – A Voice of Courage

    [ 3 minutes to read ] Who is Masih Alinejad? Masih Alinejad, an Iranian-American journalist and activist, is a prominent figure advocating for women’s rights, particularly against compulsory hijab laws in Iran. Living in exile in the US, she’s known for her unwavering commitment to human rights and freedom of expression. Achievements Alinejad has been instrumental in raising international awareness about […] Read more