Book review: Beyond Doubt: the Secularization of Society

2 mn read Authors: Isabella Kasselstrand, Phil Zuckerman, and Ryan Cragun In the riveting and timely book “Beyond Doubt: the Secularization of Society,” sociologists Isabella Kasselstrand, Phil Zuckerman, and Ryan Cragun embark on an intellectual journey to explore the decline of religion in modernized nations. With a blend of empirical evidence and philosophical insight, they present a compelling […]

Different thoughts for women in Afghanistan

< 1 mn read Deceived by the devil    Maybe an angel from the generation of fire Which showed my honesty and simplicity and deceived me.  I was fatima  I was the queen of tomorrow.  Sometimes they put heaven under  my feet and sometimes imperfect intellect.  Sometimes addressed me half the men, sometimes they stoned me.  Sometimes they swore by my […]

To a non-Afghan girl!

3 mn read Good wishes from Afghanistan to your broken heart. I know you are sad and so your heart is broken. Even, your sweetheart is in love with someone else. for a girl it can be hard. I understand how it is too hard… But you know what? I have not yet felt the sweet pains of […]