Skeptical Discussions

[ < 1 minute to read ] Welcome, intellectual explorers, to ‘Skeptical Discussions,’ a dynamic forum for the probing of ideas, the questioning of assumptions, and the quest for truth. Our aim here is to create a stimulating arena for rigorous and respectful dialogue, following in the footsteps of Socratic discourse. We encourage the sharing of evidence-based views and the use of […]

Introducing Ike, our man on the ground, helping the displaced children in northern Nigeria

[ < 1 minute to read ] In this series of videos, we’re going to get to know Ike, our man on the ground working diligently to help displaced children in Borno state in Northern Nigeria. These poor souls have been displaced by the aggression of Boko Haram.This extremist organisation is actively recruiting/kidnapping street children to enforce their ranks. We’re hoping to […]

A Blow to LGBTQ+ Rights: Iraq’s Controversial Crackdown on homosexuality and transgenderism

[ 3 minutes to read ] In a world where J.K. Rowling was this week once more ousted and ostracized by the courageous types like Harry Potter-actor Daniel Radcliffe (”Expellia(r)mus!”) for being a TERF for expressing an opinion that was common sense only a few years ago yet now is considered hate speech by some, Iraq said ”hold my non-alcoholic beer” […]

Is AI the Future of Freethinking or Its Downfall?

[ < 1 minute to read ] As we navigate a world increasingly influenced by technology, artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a transformative force. But what does AI mean for the concept of freethinking? Let’s delve into some thought-provoking statements about how AI could both enhance and challenge our capacity for independent thought. Positive Impacts of AI on Freethinking: Negative Impacts […]

Can we help these freethinker asylum seekers help start their own business?

[ < 1 minute to read ] When you don’t get support from a government as a refugee, surviving is hard without sponsors. A small business can help them survive. In the shadows of ongoing displacement crises in regions like Afghanistan, Iran, Uganda, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen, Freethinkers International is spearheading a transformative concept. Traditionally dependent on the lengthy and uncertain asylum […]

The assassination of administrators of the website and publications of AvayeBuf

[ 11 minutes to read ] The nature and cornerstone of the establishment AvayeBuf as a cultural group has started its enlightened political and social activities since 2003 secretly and underground in Iran. This collection was founded by three active and persistent members, namely Ghasem, Houriyeh, and Sasan, who are members of the Gharedaghi family. With their capabilities and sacrifices, these members have been the building blocks […]

Join the Fight: Help Ahmed, a Brave LGBTQ+ Activist from Uganda, Reunite with His Children

[ 9 minutes to read ] As an LGBTQ activist in Uganda, Elijah has been tortured and sexually abused by the police, persecuted bij family members. His shop and house have been set on fire and he had to flee the country leaving his adorable children behind. He is in a Rwandan hospital now, where he can not leave if he doesn t pay the bills. Elijah wishes to embrace once again his two little children. He needs your help to get the medications he needs and safely return to his home.

Warning: A Trump Comeback Could Spell Disaster for LGBTQ+ Rights!

[ 2 minutes to read ] Brace yourselves as the ghost of policies past looms ominously with the potential return of Donald Trump to the Oval Office. Poised to rewind the clock on civil liberties, a second Trump term threatens to strip back hard-won rights of the LGBTQ+ community, thrusting us back into the shadows of discrimination and inequality. Are we ready to revisit an era where transgender soldiers were deemed unfit to serve, where the rights to marry, work, and live without fear were mere tokens handed out at the whim of a capricious administration? This isn’t just a political debate; it’s a battle for the very soul of our nation, for our right to love and live freely. Stand up, speak out, and let your voice echo through the ballot box before the colors of the rainbow are washed out by a storm of regressive policies.

Unconditional Surrender: My Defeat in Debates with Secularists

[ 2 minutes to read ] For many years, I held firm to my conservative Sunni Muslim beliefs, staunchly defending them against what I perceived as the encroaching threat of secularism. Raised in a devout family where adherence to Islamic principles was paramount, I was instilled with a deep-seated commitment to the faith. My journey led me to aspire to become […]

Death penalty because you are gay. LGBTQ+ as one of the world’s most pressing issues

[ 3 minutes to read ] One would think that Hitler’s systemic incarceration, torture and eventual killings of LGBTQ+ people (which actually happened on an unimaginable scale) is a relic of the past and that things are over now when the majority of developed countries legalized sexual minorities or even provided lawful means of partnerships or marriages. No, especially in developing […]

“There is No Such Thing as Philosophy-Free Science. There is Only Science Whose Philosophical Baggage is Taken on Board Without Examination.” — Daniel Dennett (1942-2024)

[ 3 minutes to read ] Daniel Clement Dennett III, a towering figure in philosophy and cognitive science, who profoundly influenced our understanding of consciousness, religion, and free will, has passed away at the age of 82. This quotation encapsulates Dennett’s lifelong argument that all scientific inquiry is deeply interwoven with philosophical assumptions. His death marks the end of an era […]

The right of Free Speech and Peaceful Protest in Law and Practice

[ 6 minutes to read ] The right of Free Speech and Peaceful Protest in Law and Practice In a world where the freedom to express oneself and engage in peaceful protest is hailed as a cornerstone of democracy, it’s crucial to delve into the nuances of these rights. While considered fundamental human rights, they can sometimes collide with other human […]

Audiobook: The Dark Crypt of History (Persian version)

[ 3 minutes to read ] How did Islam emerge? by Mazdak Bamdadan (Dr. Mohsen Banaie) Abstract Since the very lecture of Ignatz Goldziher in Paris from the year 1900, Islamic Studies have faced a sustainable revision, which questions the reliance and authenticity of traditional Islamic historiography through multiple academic methods and perspectives. From Goldziher onwards, numerous notable scholars from different […]

Mira’s troublesome escape from Yemen brought her to a big unknown city where her pursuit of freedom begins.

[ 2 minutes to read ] Episode 2, where Mira was captured and beaten by the police, prevented from traveling but found her way out anyway All episodes can be read via this link Mira had planned to depart from Yemen a week ago, but encountered a setback when she was arrested and subjected to physical abuse. Forced to sign a […]

Daniel Kahneman, the man that challenged our views on human thinking, died age 90

[ 2 minutes to read ] We are saddened to announce the passing of Daniel Kahneman on March 27, 2024, a visionary in psychology and economics, known for his Nobel-winning insights into human decision-making. His legacy spans the debunking of long-held myths about rationality, profoundly influencing both academic circles and public understanding. Kahneman’s work challenged us to rethink the complexity of […]

If I Were God, Allah, or Yahweh, Tomorrow We’d Wake Up in a World Without…”

[ 3 minutes to read ] Imagine, if you will, stepping into the omnipotent shoes of God, Allah, or Yahweh. With a snap of divine fingers, you could reshape the world overnight. As the dawn breaks, humanity awakens not just to a new day, but to a new reality—a world meticulously edited to embody our deepest longings for peace, understanding, and […]

Why even a modern conservative cannot be a freethinker?

[ 2 minutes to read ] I post this article both on my blog and Freethinkers International. And I am sure my own blog more than aware readers have their opinion already formed. Yet, the ongoing debate on Freethinkers International has provoked me to write this piece. We live in megacities, use electricity, have microchips, atomic bombs, high-speed trains, however, we […]

Conservatism – A Freethinking Paradox

[ 2 minutes to read ] In a recent discussion, the question arose whether a conservative could also be a freethinker, given conservatism’s association with authority and traditionalism. As someone who identifies as both a freethinker and a conservative, I aim to contribute to this discourse by advocating for a more nuanced understanding of modern conservatism, highlighting its inherently progressive element. […]

Our new project: Help to stop Boko Haram recruiting child soldiers

[ 2 minutes to read ] The Almajiri system is a traditional Islamic education system that has been prevalent in Northern Nigeria for centuries. Historically, it served as a means of imparting Quranic knowledge to young boys, who are often sent away from their homes to live with Islamic scholars. The term “Almajiri” is derived from the Arabic word “al-Muhajirun,” meaning migrants, reflecting the idea that these children leave their homes in pursuit of religious education. 

Can a Conservative Truly Don the Freethinker’s Hat?

[ 2 minutes to read ] Ah, the age-old question that has sparked many a heated debate at dinner tables and online forums alike: “Can a conservative really be a freethinker?” It’s a bit like asking if a cat can be a loyal companion. Sure, it might not fetch your slippers, but it’ll keep your keyboard warm! The Freethinking Formula Freethinking […]